The 4 Happiness Hormones

Enjoy a new experience in a sanctuary of treatments dedicated to your Balance, Vitality and Femininity. Discover Major Treatments that will plunge you into Happiness. LaCliniQVerte has raised the standards of well-being with its intimate, exclusive and unique treatments. Where kindness and excellence meet for your complete Happiness.

About us

The Feeling of Happiness and Balance comes from the effect of specific hormones produced by our body.

That's cool to know... But now, what do we do with it? 

LaCliniQVerte has developed a range of Major Treatments to help you diving into Happiness...

Designer of Positive Bio-Detox, a unique know-how to purify, balance and regenerate our women's bodies.

Our approach is natural and holistic.
It takes into account the whole person.

For the past 10 years, we've been developing natural treatments for peace of mind and body.
We are the first CliniQVerte in Switzerland to offer gentle, intimate and personalized therapies.

The solution to relieve stress, pain and fear...

The Key to restoring your Strength, Vitality and Happiness.

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