Homme dénudé accroupi

The prostate is a very important organ from which men derive their vitality, creative energy, and sexual impulses. Without it, general health and quality of life will be seriously compromised. An acidic body (pH), clogged kidneys, and a dirty bladder inevitably lead to male impotence.

Gradually, day after day, the prostate deteriorates due to the accumulation of pathogens and waste in its tissues.

We offer you an effective solution to remedy this potential handicap.

1st Day

Rectal instillation of a subtle preparation based on a blend of rare Amazonian woods to stop prostate inflammation and restore erectile function.

2nd Day

Rectal ozone therapy

Therapy performed with the aim of providing a significant supply of oxygen to the cardiovascular system.

To improve blood circulation Allow cells to breathe, regenerate, and detoxify Ozone develops natural anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antibiotic properties necessary for the well-being and health of the prostate/bladder.

For 21 days

Magistral preparation to drink for 21 days

  • Restore erectile function

  • Maintain the health and proper functioning of the urinary system

  • Maintain the health and proper functioning of the reproductive system

  • Purify the blood

  • Strengthen the immune system