Système lymphatique

Manual lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage technique designed to stimulate lymph circulation and detoxify the body while strengthening the immune system. It is performed with the fingers and palms on the entire body, following the direction of lymphatic circulation and varying the pressure.

The benefits of manual lymphatic drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage cleanses and regenerates the body, accelerates healing, and reduces the risk of infection. It is also believed to be useful in treating issues related to blood and lymphatic circulation, such as varicose veins, cellulite, and venous insufficiency.

Reduce edema and relieve pain in the case of varicose veins

Manual lymphatic drainage can be considered as a treatment for chronic venolymphatic insufficiency in the lower limbs (a disorder of blood and lymphatic fluid return to the heart). It helps reduce edema, which is a source of pain and inflammation.