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LaCliniQ: The Master of Water

Like a child, this treatment is a small liquid suppository (300 ml) that will act from the inside out. A surprisingly effective natural treatment designed to enhance us, allowing us to eliminate all toxins stored in our belly as well as those inflaming our cells. An intelligent treatment to drain all the water from our body, beautifying us and erasing imperfections on our skin. After this treatment, you will experience immense benefits such as lightness and self-confidence. This magnificent Organic Lymphatic Drainage will reshape your silhouette and help you find the path to beauty and youth.

The Master of Water has created "Ô de Beauté" for you:

A natural drinkable cure, A true elixir of Flowers from Madagascar, An island where the greatest diversity of orchids in the world flourishes.

Impressive for their exceptional beauty ranging from bright white to the deepest black. One of the most iconic species is the black orchid, difficult to find in its natural state today but present in the composition of our "Ô de Beauté".

Designed to enhance you, eliminate toxins stored in your cells, and drain the water from your body. Beautify your skin and erase existing imperfections. You will feel immense benefits such as satiety, lightness, good mood, and sensuality. It will help you reshape your silhouette and find the path to beauty and youth.