Indispensable for the proper functioning of our organs
Precious for brain regeneration
Essential for emotional balance
Sleep seems to be Vital

Now that we know that sleep is the key to good physical and mental health, the science of sleep is undergoing a veritable revolution.

LaCliniQVerte has developed 3 intelligent treatments that use 3 precious natural elements to bring your sleep back to life...

3 Sleep Treatments

Neroli Essence

Physiological Massage Sleep Massage

For long hours of sleep

A subtle massage with Neroli essence
An oil made from Citrus Aurantium Bigaradier flowers
by a specialist in Masso-Physio Therapy


Release specific essences with infinitely soothing virtues that relax the muscles
Immediately soothe the nervous system

Induce deep sleep for several hours

Massage Session 1h / 183.00

Cellular Respiration Against Asphyxiation

A powerful supply of vital oxygen to all body cells to eliminate accumulated stress and address inflammatory problems due to chronic lack of sleep.


  • Relieve the heart and brain of stress and oxygen deficiency.

  • Enable deep breathing for a profound sleep.

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