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Eliminate 3 to 5 kg of Waste & Dead Skin from your Intestine

Les éliminations lors du nettoyage de l'intestin grêle

Toxic mucus from the small intestine

The small intestine is the main organ for absorbing our precious nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements and nutritious amino acids). 

It is 6 metres long and lies between the stomach and the colon.

As we age, the small intestine becomes lined with a layer of toxic mucus made up of animal fats, proteins, etc. called "mucoid plaque".

Mucoid plaque is made up of the remains of food supplements, medicines, heavy metals, acids, bacteria, viruses, yeast, parasites, toxins called purine, putrescine, cadaverine... that's the reality.

This mucoid plaque can no longer be eliminated and is in a state of putrefaction that poisons the whole body.

The absorption of nutrients from our diet is seriously disrupted, leading to chronic inflammatory effects and premature ageing of the body.

In this way, our bodies begin the process of dying long before our final days.

Les éliminations lors du nettoyage de l'intestin grêle - Ventre de femme avec dessin des intestins

Old memories

As well as material waste, the mucoid plaque also contains symbolic pollution: depression, fears, limiting beliefs, conditioning, compulsions, etc...

The body is generally reluctant to let go of this mucoid plaque. It is destabilising for the unconscious and cellular memories to separate from what may have represented a structure.

When these mucoid plaques are eliminated, it is common to experience strong emotions (crying, excessive joy, etc.).

A strong need for solitude may arise, or forgotten memories may resurface.

The aim of this Small Intestine Purification Quest is to free oneself from depression and suffering.

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Exclusive Protocol®
In 3 stages

The small intestine, including the colon, can be cleansed as soon as the colon is clean, i.e. it evacuates faecal matter without restraint when the colon is irrigated.



  • Phase 1 
    Sazia® drinking cure
    (1 week at home)

  • Phase 2
    4 x colonic irrigation
    (1 per day for 4 days)

    Optional: Specific Liquid Suppository adapted to your needs after each colonic irrigation

  • Phase 3
    Dietary resumption
    (Micronutrition advice)

Results :

  • Cellular regeneration

  • Better assimilation of nutrients

  • Better digestion

  • Significant weight loss

  • Disappearance of chronic inflammatory conditions

  • Reduction in tension and chronic pain

  • Control of SIBO

  • Strengthening of the immune system

  • Improved acid-base balance

  • Improved emotional balance

  • Better energy

Le nettoyage de l'intestin grêle - ventre de femme