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Liquid Suppositories

Specific Organic Liquid Suppository (300ml) to treat Colon Disorders / Pain and Malfunctions
To strengthen and rebalance intestinal flora

LaCliniQ Verte has developed Exclusive Liquid Suppositories based on Gentle Herbs to meet your needs.


Why do it ?

Chronic Constipation

Difficulty in evacuating stools.

Malodorous Gas

Intestinal bacteria produce several sulfur-containing substances that are primarily responsible for the odor. Malodorous gases form when bacteria ferment our food as it passes through the colon.


The abdomen swells due to the accumulation of gas in the stomach or intestine.

Irritable Colon

Functional colopathy or functional intestinal disorders.

Crohn's Disease

A digestive tract disease that is part of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases.


Small outgrowths on the surface of the colon. This age-related anatomical anomaly, coupled with a low-fiber diet, can lead to a local inflammatory and infectious condition called diverticulitis.


A colon pathology that results in twisting, burning, motor, and sensory function disorders in the colon. Women are more affected than men.


Inflammation of the colon wall that can manifest acutely or chronically.


Swelling and inflammation of the veins in the rectum and anus, causing discomfort and bleeding.