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Who is affected by stress?

Stress is a common situation in daily life and can affect every person. However, the intensity of stress varies from person to person based on their personality and their ability to manage the stressful situation. Individuals with depression and anxiety are particularly more at risk of facing daily stress. Stress can manifest through emotional, mental, and physical signs and symptoms.

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A stress situation can resemble:

  • Routine pressure, at work, school, in the family, or any other responsibility.
  • Stress caused by a sudden and unexpected change, such as a divorce, a change of job, or the onset of an illness.
  • Traumatic episode: a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, etc.

Possible complications related to stress

Other health problems can develop as a result of a state of stress: weakened immune system making the individual more susceptible to infections and diseases, digestive disorders, sleep disorders, or reproductive disorders. Also, associated issues may include headaches, difficulty falling asleep, chronic negative state, irritability, mood disorders, etc.