Femme avec douleurs de règles

Never have painful periods again...

The Uterus Bio-Detox is recognized by many women as an effective solution to long-term relief from menstrual pain.

This Unique Natural Plant Bio-Detox helps eliminate all toxins and blood waste from our uterus.

It immediately soothes the painful contractions of the abdomen and ensures normal and painless menstruation.

Having periods is one of the symbols of our beautiful femininity! Suffering from them is not normal...

To heal and free the uterus from its inflammatory, toxic, and painful states.

We have developed specific Liquid Suppositories tailored to various female abdominal discomforts.

These are small treatments to be used at LaCliniQ before, during, or after your periods.

Quick relief is achieved from the first day of therapy for those who prefer natural solutions to alleviate painful periods.

Treatment Protocol

Ozone Colonic Lavage 138.- per session (1 hour)

Uterus Bio-Detox (Organic Liquid Suppository with natural herbs) 138.-